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Build Our Sustainable Trust

Preserving our Freedom through the Promotion of the Safe Use of Firearms

A Million Dreams

A Million Milestones

A Million Memories

A Million Safe Young People

A Million Appreciated Veterans

As 2020 comes to a close, The X Count has A Million Dreams. We dream of a country that remains free and a citizenship that understand exactly what that means and how that happens. Since our founding in 2012 we have been blessed by the generosity of our community and from people who believe as we do in freedom. During these very uncertain times our mission now becomes even more critically important. Admittedly, we had become somewhat complacent and now we face a world where we may again truly find it necessary to fight for our freedom. The X Count has set our 2020 Funding Goal for our MidwayUSA Foundation Trust and it is big. It is a million dollars. We set this goal so that we can someday say we have served millions instead of thousands of youth, scouts, and veterans. We want a million young people to be safer because they understand how to safely handle firearms. We want a million veterans to feel appreciated. We hope that our athletes make a million memories and learn a million a million lessons of character, hard work, and responsibility. Most importantly, we believe the certainty of a free future is worth far more than a million dollars. We are so close to our million and with your help we will reach our goal by the end of 2020. Because of your past generosity we are so close to our million dollar trust that it won't take a million dreams to get there. Yes, we have been called crazy. Yes, they have said we lost our mind but we can live in a world that we design.

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